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The first cleaning is typically the most time-intensive as we bring your home up to a maintenance standard. The duration depends on factors like the number of residents, pets, the level of buildup, decor, and your home’s size. Many of our valued Wie Neu clients opt for scheduled cleanings, be it weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, with weekly and bi-weekly services being the most popular. Routine cleanings help maintain your home’s tip top condition and minimize both the time required and costs. For less frequent cleaning appointments, there may be more buildup, leading to extended service durations.
Each home is unique, and the duration of a regular cleaning can vary based on your home’s specific requirements. After becoming familiar with your home, we can provide more consistent estimates. Predicting cleaning times without prior knowledge can be challenging, as household habits and lifestyles differ. Following the initial cleaning, we will have a better understanding of the time needed for routine cleanings.
We cherish all pets, but your understanding of your pet’s behavior is essential. If your pet is comfortable around new people and can tolerate the noise associated with cleaning activities, having them at home is acceptable. To ensure everyone’s safety and comfort, we recommend that the pet be kept in a crate or a separate room during the cleaning. If a pet is uneasy around strangers or loud noises, we advise securing them in a manner that prevents interaction with our cleaners. Our team comprises pet-friendly professionals, but if a pet poses a threat to our staff, we will temporarily leave the premises until we can discuss future cleaning arrangements with you.
Your presence during cleaning is not required, but you are welcome to be present if you prefer. When booking, we will inquire about your availability or the means of entry if you won’t be at home. For initial cleanings, most clients choose to be present to guide our cleaners, highlighting areas requiring special attention and specifying areas to avoid. Many of our regular clients entrust our insured house cleaning experts with spare keys or key codes for secure access.
After completing our straightforward estimate request, we will respond within 24 hours with a detailed estimate and address any necessary clarifications. Upon booking your cleaning appointment, you will receive a confirmation email.
We are always receptive to special requests and take pride in our flexibility. As long as Wie Neu has the necessary tools and training to accomplish the task, we are happy to accommodate additional cleaning tasks. We kindly request a 48-hour notice before the visit to allocate the extra time required.
Certainly! Many of our clients request a set number of hours to stay within their budget. We charge on an hourly basis and will collaborate with you to establish a priority list for the visit, ensuring that key areas receive attention within the allocated time. Please note that we have a minimum requirement of 3 hours.
Following the cleaning, we will send an invoice via email, with payment due upon receipt. For regular service we send the invoice monthly. It’s important to settle any outstanding bills promptly to ensure continued service. For clients with a history of repeated late payments, we may require payment in advance.
We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise. To minimize last-minute cancellations, we send reminder emails and text notifications prior to your scheduled cleaning. We require a 48-hour notice for cancellations, which can be communicated through email or WhatsApp. Cancellations received without the stipulated notice will incur a 25% cancellation fee. Same-day cancellations will result in a 50% cancellation fee. All cancellations must be coordinated through our office.
We exclusively employ cleaners of utmost integrity. In the event of breakage or damage, our staff are trained to promptly document and report it without facing reprimand. While we take utmost care and respect your space, accidents can happen. After reporting damage to our office, we will engage in a prompt and fair resolution. We will make every effort to repair or replace damaged items. Each residential cleaner is fully insured, allowing for the filing of insurance claims when applicable. To ensure the safety of irreplaceable items, we recommend stowing them in a secure location. Please communicate any concerns you may have during the booking process. It’s important to note that we do not replace or repair items with pre-existing damage or those improperly installed.
Tipping is never expected but greatly appreciated, and our team graciously accepts tips as a token of appreciation for their hard work. Most clients choose to tip at the end of each cleaning, but some opt for a larger tip at the end of the year. Additionally, we value your feedback, and if you would like to leave a review on Google or Facebook page, it would be greatly appreciated.
We are highly flexible and can accommodate your preferred service frequency. Wie Neu offers weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or sporadic cleaning options. Special event cleanings and move-in/move-out services are also available. For our commercial clients, we can provide services during or after business hours, based on your convenience.